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FBELE company was founded in 1997 is China s leading manufacturer of acoustic and other electronic components we designs manufactures distributes high quality products in very competitive price bestservice timely delivery small order acceptable etc Our products include piezo ceramic element piezoelectric buzzer magnetic buzzer speakers transducer receiver electret condenser microphone magnetic contact Piezoelectric alarm ultrasonic sensor PZT ceramics etc FBELE products are widely used within electronic applications serving major global market sectors including telecommunications computing industrial controls healthcare energy management systems and mobile and electronic toys even drones...

Categories and Products

Piezo Element

FT-4200 31mm piezo element with 42mm PVC FT-4800 48mm PVC mebrane with 32mm piezo FT-27T-4.0B1 27mm piezo ceramic element pzt element FT-31.8T-3.2A2 32mm 3.2khz piezoelectric ceramic bimorph FT-18T-3.6B1 3.6khz piezo Internal Drive Piezo Element FT-20T-3.6A3 20mm 3.6KHz piezo element ceramic disc 

Buzzer And Transducer

Piezo Transducer

FBPT4524 Piezo Buzzer Ultrasonic Transducer with PIN FBPT3057 Thin Piezo Buzzer Mini Piezo Transducer FBPT3010 30mm 90db 12Vp-p piezo sounder FBPT2220 22mm 30v U shaped piezo buzzer FBPT1410 14mm 85dB piezo buzzer circuit pin type FBPT2210 3V Piezo Buzzer Warning Buzzer with Pin FBPT1707 micro mini 9v piezo buzzer with pin FBS57D 57mm x 17mm Passive Piezo Transducer FBPT2346 23*4.6mm piezo buzzer with ear and wire FBPT3-2912 Piezo Buzzer Ultrasonic Transducer with PIN FBPT1440 14mm 3v piezoelectric passive buzzer with wires FBPT1255 High Frequency Decibel Piezoelectric Passive Buzzer FBPT1210 small 12mm 12Vp-p piezo sounder buzzer FBPT3585 Passive Transducer Piezo Buzzer with wire FBPT1340 External-driven Piezo Transducer 12.7x6.8mm FBPT3916 3pin 39mm loud 90db external piezo transducer FBPT5216 Piezo Buzzer Ultrasonic Transducer with PIN FBPT1340P-R 13x6.5mm piezo buzzer with reel FBPT1407 piezo electric buzzer with pin 14mmx7mm FBPT1207 buzzer element piezo 9khz 12mm with pin 

Piezo Buzzer

FBPB4216 100dB Mechanical Door Bell Buzzer FBPB2616 26mm wire buzzer with ear FBPB3632 36mm Slow Pulse 12V Piezo Alarm Buzzer FBPB4315 43mm piezo buzzer with pin FBPB2312 FBELE External piezo buzzer with wire FBPB2398 23*9.8mm Electric loud Piezo buzzer FBPB2316C 12V 85dB piezo buzzer pin type FBPB2319 23 * 19MM 2319 active piezo buzzer FBPB1478 14*7.8mm 12v piezo buzzer with pin FBUT5120 51mm 20khz inductance ultrasonic sensor speaker FBPB2310 23mm piezo buzzer with wire FBPB3214 plastic fire alarm 12V buzzer FBPB4019 9V 40mm piezo buzzer with pin FBPB3015WE 30*15MM DC 24V 30mA Sound Electronic Buzzer FBPB4333W 24v 100dB Piezo buzzer with wire FBPB4020 100dB Black 6V Piezo Buzzer With Pin FBPB2925 29*25mm two-tone 12v piezo buzzer alarm FBUT3813 Repellent device 90DB 20khz ultrasonic speaker FBPB2316 100dB 95db alarm Piezo buzzer with pin FBPB2319L 3V~24V120db piezoelectric alarm buzzer with wire 

Magnetic Transducer

FBMT1285 12mm pitch 8.5mm magnetic buzzer 1.5v buzzer FBMT9605 9.6mm buzzer External Drive Magnetic Buzzer FBMT9040 9x4mm 3v 2731HZ magnetic buzzer FBMT9042 9*4.2mm 3v 5v electromagnetic active buzzer FBMT9040SH side hole small piezo buzzer magnetic transducer FBMT1290 12*9mm 5v electric magnetic piezo buzzer FBMT1254 12*5.4mm piezo transducer with pin FBMT1275C 12*7.5mm Magnetic Pssive Buzzer 1.5v 16ohm 2048Hz FBMT6636 85dB 16Ohm 3V magnetic ac buzzer 

Mechnical Transducer

FBMMB2618 mechanical vibration ultrasonic 26A buzzer FBMB1295 5v magnetic buzzer for christmas music 1295 FBMB1614 16.0*14.0mm alarm buzzer with golden pins FBMB12065S 12x6.5mm piezo buzzer with 85dB sound FBMB9055 9mm Magnetic 80dB with pin type Buzzer FBMB12095S 12mm * 9.5mm electronic buzzer for telephone FBMMB2319 220VAC 23mm*19mm mechnical transducer FBMMB2315 23*15mm machnical transducer with wire FBMB1275 12V 12*7.5mm Active Magnetic Buzzer Game Buzzer FBMMB2315P 23x15mm mechnical transducer with pin FBMB1295SWL 12*9.5mm Electric Magnetic Active Buzzer FBMMB2386 3v Magnetic Buzzer(External drive type) FBMB9650 12v Mini Passive Micro Waterproof Buzzer FBMMB2915 29mmx15mm 12v Mechnical transducer FBMB1275 12V 12*7.5mm Active Magnetic Buzzer piezo buzzer FBMB1295 5v magnetic buzzer 1295 buzzer with pin FBMB1295SWL 12*9.5mm Magnetic Active Buzzer with wire FBMB1614 16.0*14.0mm alarm buzzer with pins FBMB9055 9mm mechnical transducer with pins FBMB9650 12v Mini Passive Micro piezo Buzzer 

SMT Transducer And Buzzer

SMT1230 SMT buzzer 12*12*3mm 3v SMD buzzer SMT8503SSH 8.5*8.5*3mm SMT piezo buzzer SMT9040 9MM 2700Hz Electro-magnetic SMD passive Buzzer SMT1625 16*2.5mm 3V external drive SMD buzzer SMT8504TH SMD buzzer for samsung mobile phone SMT5020 5*5*2mm 3v SMD buzzer SMT1706 17*6mm round SMT buzzer SMT1225 12*2.5 SMD piezo transducer and buzzer SMT7525 SMT 7.5*2.5mm smt buzzer SMT1210 12*10mm SMT magnetic active Buzzer SMT9650 Square SMD Piezoelectric Internal Driver Buzzer SMT1117 11mm*1.7mm SMD buzzer SMT4020 4mm small piezo electrical magnetic buzzer SMT8504SSH 8.5mm 85dB 3.6V SMD buzzer SMT1445 14*4.5mm surface mount thin SMT buzzer SMT5030 3V 5mm*5mm*3mm SMT buzzer SMT1325 13mm SMT electricc piezo SMD buzzer SMT9020 9mm 3v 90db magnetic smd buzzer SMT5517 3V micro Piezo Buzzer SMT9045 9mm micro piezo SMD buzzer 

Indicator Light Buzzer

FBILB2950 12V buzzer signal light buzzer light 


Dynamic Speaker

FBMR0804 8mm x 4mm 16ohm mini dynamic speaker FBSH1008-2D Inner Magnetic 10mm 32ohm Headset Speakers FBPSB1504 15mm SMD small 8ohm mini radio speaker FBMR3020 30x20mm 8ohm mini micro dynamic speaker FBMR1206 12mm x 6mm 32ohm square dynamic speaker FBMR1609 16mm x 9mm 8ohm square dynamic speaker FBMR151104 15mm micro speaker 8ohm mini speaker FBMR1357C 13mm x 5.7mm 32ohm dynamic mylar speaker FBMR1511 15mm x 11mm 8ohm approved Dynamic Speaker FBMR2004 20mm x 4mm 8ohm mini dynamics speakers FBMR3040 8ohm 1w rectangular speaker for home system FBMR2415 24mm x 15mm approved Dynamic Speaker 

Mylar Speaker

FBF50-4P 50mm 50 ohm 0.25W paper cone speaker FBF40-5TLB 40mm 8 ohm waterproof mylar speaker FBF36-5TLB 8ohm 1w earphone black mylar waterproof speaker FBF40-4 2w 50ohm 40mm mini plastic speaker FBF27-1L 27mm plastic outer magnetic mylar speaker FBF29-2 29mm magnet out plastic frame mylar speaker FBF29-1 29mm 0.25w 8ohm doorbell mylar speaker FBF30-1T 30mm 8ohm waterproof thin mylar speaker FBF57-1TB 57mm * 8.7mm 0.5w 8ohm mylar speaker FBF40-4P 40mm 50ohm 0.25W square paper speaker FBS50-29E 50mm 0.5W 1W mylar speaker 8ohm 86dB FBF40-1N 40mm 8ohm 0.5W interation speaker FBF28 magnetic 28mm round shape head phone speaker FBF28-1T 28mm 8ohm 1w dynamic mylar waterproof speaker FBS4050 40mm 8ohm 1w mini mylar flat speaker FBF30-1 30mm 32ohm 1w round mylar speaker FBF21-1 21mm 8ohm 0.5W mult-media mini speaker FBF27-6T 27mm inter magnetic micro mylar speaker FBF36-5TLB 8ohm 1w earphone black mylar speaker FBF40-5TLB 40mm small mylar speaker 0.25w speaker 


FBS50D 50mm 8ohm 0.5w 32mm Ferrite loud speaker FBS40C 40mm x 14mm 8ohm Audio loudspeaker FBS57C 57mm x 19mm 8ohm mylar loudspeaker FBS2040P 1watt Mini Plastic Frame Mobile Speaker FBS78E 78mm x 41mm 4ohm audio loudspeaker FBS78D 78mm x 17mm 8ohm inside loudspeaker FBS78E 78mm x 41mm 4ohm loudspeaker FBS50S 50mm x 90mm 8ohm Rectangle loudspeaker FBS57DWP 57mm waterproof speaker 8ohm speaker FBS3070T 3070 tv internal speaker 8ohm tv loudspeaker FBS50G 50mm x 12mm 8ohm hot sell loudspeaker FBS66A 66mm 8ohm waterproof loudspeaker FBS50C 50mm x 12mm 8ohm paper cone loudspeaker FBS66C 66mm x 19mm 8ohm mylar speaker loudspeaker FBS58A 57mm x 18mm Full range loudspeaker FBS66C 66mm x 19mm 8ohm professional loudspeaker FBS105A 105mm x 65mm 8ohm loudspeaker FBS66C 66mm x 19mm 8ohm mylar loudspeaker FBS4018 40mm 4ohm 3 Watt Loud Multimedia Speaker FBS45B 45mm x 15mm 8ohm loudspeaker 

Box Loudspeaker

FB40BOX-05 100x45mm 8ohm 2w Micro Speaker Component 

Electret Condenser Microphone

FBMEMS42A3729H8-C Air quality gas sensor MEMS EM-9745P 9.7x4.5mm mini Electret Condenser Microphone EM-6050P 6.0x5.0mm mini condenser microphone EM-6027 noise canceling electret condenser microphone EM-9767 9.7mmX6.7mm omnidirectional Electret Condenser EM-6050 6x5mm Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone FBMEMS38A3729H3-C MEMS air quality gas sensor FBMEMS3729 high accuracy Electret condenser microphone MEMS FBMEMS3019 MEMS Accelerometer Module Micophone FBMEMS4030H3 original MEMS Electret Condenser Microphone EM4015WW Electret Condenser Microphone with Wire EM-9767P 9.7mm Noise Canceling Mini Head Condenser Electret EM-9745 9.7mm mini condenser microphone 6.0x2.7mm EM-6027P mini condenser microphone MIC-SMD4013-3P 4.0x1.2mm Electret Condenser microphone EM1465UL omnidirectional Electret Condenser microphone FBMEMS4737 3.76*4.62 accelerometer chip sensor MEMS 


FBPS4724 mini piezo siren 47mm electronic siren FBPS3610 black 36mm electric alarm warble tone siren FBPS4558 indoor alarm loudspeaker Siren for GSM alarm FBPS5556 110dB Alarm Piezo Siren with Backup Battery FBPS6042 DC 12V/24v 120dB piezo siren Hi-Lo Tone FBPS103 Wireless siren with flash alarm system FBES86105 12V 1TONE 6TONE 15W 100DB Car siren FBPS102 Mini piezo siren for Security Alarm System 

Ultrasonic Sensor

FBHC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module FBHC-SR04 40khz water level ultrasonic sensor wireless FBULS1612A 16mm sensor 40khz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic sensor FBULS1612P plastic sensor 16mm 40khz ultrasonic sensor FBULS1007A 10mm aluminum 40khz transmitter ultrasonic sensor FBULS1007P 10mm 40khz ultrasonic Transmitter Receiver sensor 


Dip Switch

DA-04 DIP SWITCH 3-4 POSITION PITCH 2.54MM DP-04 DIP Switch 2.54mm 4Position Switch DIL-07 DIL Switch -Pitch 1.27mm dip switch SMT-04 SMT series DIP switch 1.25mm switch DS-04 Spdt Dip Switch With Dip Switch Schematic 

Rocker Switch

IRS-1-R15 marine rocker switch IRS-101-1A waterproof electric square rocker switch IRS-201-3C Dependable performance electric rocker switch MRS-101A Electric blender rocker switch IRS-202-3C red cap rocker switch with led IRS-201-3A electrical safety rocker switch for oven machine FBWPS-3122 waterproof rocker switch 16A red illuminated RLS-103-A3 Snap-In Round Rocker Switch FBWPS-2828 Single Pole WaterProof Round Rocker Switch MRS-101-9 Waterproof belt lamp rocker switch MRS-201 Snap-In Round Rocker Switch MIRS-101-9C3 Black Round LED Light Rocker Switch RLS-203-A3 Illumitated mini Rocker Switches MRS-2101 Waterproof LED Rocker Switch MRS-101-7 Round Button Rocker Switch MRS-102 Automotive Push Button Switch MRS-101 illuminated square Rocker Switch RS-223-4C Single Momentary Mini Rocker Switch RLS-102-A3 Car Auto Boat Round Rocker Switch IRS-201-1A waterproof electrical Rocker Switch with neon 

Automotive Switch

SAC-01 automotive mini toggle switch ASW-11D Truck warning light automotive rocker switch ASW-13D Automotive Switch For Electric ASW-06-102 Universal automative switches ASW-13-101 Automotive Electric Power Window Switch ASW-15D latching on-off led rectangular automotive switches ASW-16-101 Auto Part Car Power Window Auto Switch ASW-21D Waterproof Micro Automotive Switch ASW-18 Auto switch Car Power Window Switch ASW-14D squire Waterproof automotive Switch ASW-20D-2 automotive micro momentary push button switch ASW-20D On Off Automotive Reset Emergency Stop Switch ASW-10-101 Automotive Electrical Power Window Switch ASW-14-101 led light automotive switch ASW-19 Car Auto Door Electrical Switch 

Push Button Switch

PBS-24-102P non-latching push button switch PBS-20A-2 mini vertical push button switch PBS-11A Car LED Light Push Button Switch PBS-17A-2 LED Metal Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switch PBS-24-112P off-on Snap Action push button switch PBS-33B Flush Push Button Switches Stop Flat Switch PBS-28B Waterproof Momentary Push button Switch PBS-13B ring illuminated momentary push button switch PBS-26B mini waterproof push button switch tact switch PBS-15A Waterproof Momentary Push button Switch PBS-16B Flush Push Button Switches Stop Flat Switch PBS-27B latching illuminated dpdt push button switch PBS-10B-2 push button switch tact switch PBS-28B-2 small led light momentary push button switch PBS-14B Door Accessories Electrical Push Button Switch PBS-20B momentary 14.8mm Round push button switch PBS-17A Screw Terminal Black Metal Push Button Switch 

Micro Switch

MSW-02B mini positionroller lever Micro Switch MSW-12 Terminals Button Actuator Micro Switch MSW-22 Electrical Door Mini Micro Switch MSW-04 Industrial Snap Action Micro Switch MSW-03 Short roller lever micro switch MSW-14B dpdt lever snap action micro switch MSW-11 waterproof high sensitivity small micro switch MSW-13 Waterproof Push Button Micro Switch MSW-21 special bent lever micro switch 

Toggle Switch

MTS-103 Screw Terminal Auto Reset Small Toggle Switch KN3(C)-203AP mini Toggle Switch lamp toogle switch KN3(C)-103AP Screw Terminal Single Pole Toggle Switch KN3(A)-101A electrical on off on toggle switch KN3(C)-202A-R Mini Latching Toggle Switch MTS-102-C3 Self-locking toggle switch KN3(C)-223AP Screw Terminal Auto Reset Small Toggle Switches MTS-202-C4 Safety Car Toggle switch ON MTS-103-A2 Stainless Steel Actuator Toggle Switch KNH-1S On Off Waterproof Oiltight Toggle Switch MTS-203 dpdt on-off-on toggle switch MTS-203-C4 Miniature Sub-Mini Momentary Toggle Switch KN3(B)-103A type lighted toggle switch MTS-202 on/off toggle switch for smart home KN3(C)-201AP spring loaded return toggle switch MTS-101 ON-OFF-ON Momentary Toggle Switch with CE KN3(C)-202 toggle switch with waterproof cap MTS-102 on off toggle switch with long handle MTS-123 on off on momentary rocker toggle switch KN3(C)-101P Mini Miniature Toggle Switch 

Door Switch For Refrigerator

RDS-14 Refrigerator and fridge door Switch RDS-19 white Refrigerator Door Light Switch RDS-09 Standard ON-OFF door switch for refrigerators RDS-07 Refrigerator push botton LED door light switch RDS-15 freezer door light switch 

Fuse& Fuse Holder


ABF-200G Gold Auto BOLT ON Flat Bolt Fuse ABF-198N 10.1*40.2 Type Auto Fuse Link ABF-198E SMALL ANL FLAT TYPE STUD AUTO FUSE GBC-196A EAST EUROPEAN GBC AUTO fuse GBC-196B East Europe auto Fuse blister packing 

Fuse Holder

FBFH1124 Glass Fuse Holder Panel Mounting FBFH1125 high voltage mini waterproof automotive fuse holder FH-605 auto car medium blade Fuse Holder FBFH1123 snap-in mounting Fuse Holder FBFH1113 fuse holder for miniature fuse links FBFH1115 Glass Tube Fuse Holder for Car Automobile FH-616 Wire In-line Car Automotive Blade Fuse Holder FH-601 inline waterproof maxi blade fuse holder FBFH1121 Screw Cap Panel Mounted fuse holder FBFH1118A Inline Fuse Holder for Automotive Fuse FH-620 Universal waterproof blade inline fuse holder FBFH1097 tractor truck car auto fuse box holder FBFH1116 Glass Fuse Holder Panel Mount FBFH1112B Glass Fuse Holder Panel Mount FBFH1112A car fuse holder PCB fuse holder FBFH1120 PCB panel mounted fuse holder fuse box FH-608 Automotive auto fuse holder car fuse holder FBFH1100 mini blade waterproof auto fuse holder FBFH1118B bakelite PCB panel mounted fuse holder FH-618 Cartridge Mini Auto Blade Fuse Holder 

Glass Fuse

FBGTF1061 Electronic Components Glass/Ceramic Tube Fuse FBGTF1051 automotive glass tube fuse for car audio 5AG-142 Miniature Glass auto fuse link FBMGTF1005 10mm glass fuse types glass tube fuse FBGTF1044 Fast-blow Glass Fuse Mix Set With Box 5AG-141 38mm Miniature Glass auto fuse link 5AG.L-141 38mm Electronic Components Glass FBGTF1035 Slow Blow Type Electronic Glass Tube Fuse 5AG.L-140 automotive glass tube fuse for car 5AG.L-142 38mm Automotive Mini glass tube FBGTF1046 Electrical fuse box cover forklift parts FBMGTF1007 10mm glass tube fuse with ULcertification FBMGTF1003 Slow Blow Type Electronic Glass Tube Fuse FBGTF1033 Tube Glass Ceramic Cartridge Fuse FBGTF1015 Automotive Glass Tube fuse for car audio 

Binding Post

FBBP1169 Modern design safe banana socket binging post FBBP1167 colorful plastic 13mm sockets binging post FBBP1170 Binding post banana jack socket FBBP1165 red binging post with screw FBBP1172 Copper Female Banana Socket jack Panel 

Battery Holder

FBCB1194 Disconnect Knife Blade Switch battery holder FBCB1193 waterproof aa battery holder FBCB1159 58mm Plastic Battery Storage Case FBCB1155 with wire Battery Holder with Switch FBCB1155 Batteries Storage Box Holder FBCB1152 battery holder with ON Off Switch FBCB1151 single battery holder with wire FBCB1147 new arrival Battery Box Holder ON/OFF Switch FBCB1141 Black NEW Battery Holder Battery Storage Case FBCB1143 Back to back battery holder FBCB1154 battery holder for 4 Batteries FBCB1158 black battery holder with wire leads FBCB1152 battery holder plastic housing FBCB1161 AA Battery Holder With Lead Wire FBCB1160 AA series battery pack overlay battery holder FBCB1157 61mm battery holder with wire leads FBCB1162 53mm AA battery holder with cover FBCB1148 Batteries Storage Box Holder FBCB1156 71mm squire black battery holder FBCB1164 12v battery holder with wire leads 

Magnetic Contact

FBMC58 Wireless Safety Door Switch Magnetic Contacts FBMC52 Terminal Surface Mounting Magnetic contact FBMC63 agnetic contacts door sensor magnetic contact FBMC618 13ma Alarm Door Magnetic Contact FBMC33H Position Sensor Magnetic Reed Switch FBMC31Y door alarm magnetic contact switch FBMC619 ​Overhead Magnetic Door Contact Reed Switch FBMC41B Recessed mounted magnetic switch FBMC40 Conventional Surface Mounted Magnetic Contact FBMC37B Guardian Protector PC Magnetic Sensor FBMC22F roller shutter sensor magnetic contact switch FBMC34A ABS materia Mounted Magnetic door contact FBMC31 63.5mm*12mm Alarm Door Magnetic Contact FBMC36F home alarm embedded door window magnetic contact FBMC54 Surface mounted door switch magnetic contact FBMC55ZL Wireless Safety Door Switch Magnetic Contacts FBMC55Z Overhead magnetic door contact FBMC60 Wireless door alarm window alarm magnetic contact FBMC505T Wireless door alarm magnetic contact FBMC505 17.3mm Magnetic Door Contact Switch 

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